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Layers of Rush Lane

by Kyle Rostad, Eti Greenberg, Shayne Gray, Natassja Addeo, Lanxi Dong, Sam Carter-Shamai, Shamez Amlani, Joe Cressy City Councillor Ward 20, Garment District Neighbourhood Association, Wellington Place Neighbourhood Association, and Queen Street West BIA

Come join us and explore Rush Lane! Everyone is invited for an afternoon of music, walking tours and fun for the whole family!

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Citizen Activators

  • Kyle Rostad

    Kyle Rostad

  • Eti Greenberg

    Eti Greenberg

  • Shayne Gray

    Shayne Gray

  • Natassja Addeo

    Natassja Addeo

  • Lanxi Dong

    Lanxi Dong

  • Sam Carter-Shamai

    Sam Carter-Shamai

  • Shamez Amlani

    Shamez Amlani

  • Joe Cressy City Councillor Ward 20

    Joe Cressy City Councillor Ward 20

  • Garment District Neighbourhood Association

    Garment District Neighbourhood Association

  • Wellington Place Neighbourhood Association

    Wellington Place Neighbourhood Association

  • Queen Street West BIA

    Queen Street West BIA

About the Urban Intervention

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday June 4th 2016
On June 4th we will be exploring the ‘layers’ of Toronto's Rush Lane, AKA “Graffiti Alley”. In Toronto, and cities around the world, laneways are being reconceptualised as valuable networks of public space. Layers of Rush Lane is about the activation of an iconic laneway, already famous for its remarkable murals and as the site of Rick Mercer’s rants. This pop up activation will highlight the significance of the past, present and future uses of this unique asset, right here in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Located south of Queen Street West, between Spadina and Portland, Rush Lane presents a crucial opportunity for building connections in a rapidly growing area of the city. By offering a new vision for these often neglected spaces we want to call attention to the potential for much needed spaces for pedestrian life and linkages between neighbourhoods.  Supported by the Queen Street West BIA, City Councillor Joe Cressy and the Wellington Place and Garment District Neighbourhood Associations this event will reintroduce the public to this unique laneway and it's potential. The activation of Rush Lane will act as a template for laneways around the city.
As part of 100In1Day, we are inviting you for an afternoon of activities for the whole family, including live music and guided walking tours of the laneway and surrounding area. This is just the beginning of a larger process of transformation and improvement for Rush Lane which envisages improved paving, lighting, signage and a better organization of essential services and maintenance.  As we move forward, the public will be encouraged to get involved and help to shape this exciting project! 

It would be great if participants can bring with them:

Yourselves with open imaginations and good shoes.

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